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Re: WFT Free Agency Plan

Originally Posted by Chief X_Phackter View Post
I think it is actually a forward thinking approach so far. Just because you have a lot of cap space, doesn't mean you have to go and sign a bunch of bad contracts.

They can upgrade without overspending. There are still plenty of candidates out there that can help this team, but by not overspending they position themselves to retain some of their own core players in the next couple years.
I mostly agree with you, I think Im playing devils advocate to a degree here ... but I question if this current FO is capable of retaining their core players.

Tagging Scherff 2 years in a row is a FO failure.
No word on an Allen extension
No word on a Thomas extension
They let Darby walk
They did resign Roullier

Maybe Scherff and Allens camp said they want to get to the 2022 cap before entertaining contract talks.

If we go into next season carrying over anything more than 5M in cap .. thats a FO failure.

Lots of time and players left ... Id feel a lot better if they were able to extend Scherff, Allen and Thomas though. Until they do, they havent retained their core.

im getting an old man approach vibe to a modern and changing way of dealing with the cap.
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