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Re: WFT Free Agency Plan

Originally Posted by MTK View Post
Financially of course they could have matched the Darby deal. Do you feel confident he's going to be available for let's say 42 of his next 48 regular season games though? His injury history is pretty significant. Odds aren't in his favor.
We got lucky Darby gave us 16+1, no doubt, and I wondered if he was a Dunbar type player that wouldnt play through pain .. but hes on a 2/20M deal basically. 4M cap hit this year, then 13M next year.

All these teams are pushing money to next year and beyond .. its almost like they know the cap will be 220 next year then 240 the year after that.

Cap is tied to NFL revenue and these new TV deals are going to hit the books next year.

Why wouldnt you give Darby 2/20?

edit - our season isnt ruined bc of darby, we should be able to find a new Darby this offseason and im coming off more fanatic than I actually am .. but RR needs to address CB and WR in a big way.

edit edit -- I would have also done the Hunter Henry deal. 3/37.5/25 with the 25 probably coming in the first 2 years .. below value imo.
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