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Re: With the 19th Pick, the WFT selects....

It's really not just as simple as BPA. I do think teams go into the draft with the players ranked and the BPA strategy in mind, and they try to stick to that, but no team sticks to that exclusively when itís time for them to execute in reality. Ultimately, if they decide another position is more valuable, or another player is more of a fit for the system and they believe he will turn into a productive player, they will stray from the BPA strategy.

For example, if the highest rated player on their board when they pick at #19 is a defensive end, I guarantee you they won't draft him. They'll take the next highest ranked player at a position of need, who fits their system (or they'll try to trade out).

Last year it was easy in the first round. Chase Young was the best player in the draft. For Jacksonville this year, it's easy. Trevor Lawrence has been the #1 pick in the 2021 draft for about four years now.

It's not always that cut and dry though. That's why they get 10 minutes to make a selection, and most of them take it all.
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