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Ryan Kerrigan Appreciation Thread

We all hope this is not the WFTís final game of the season, but if it is, we should all watch it knowing that thereís a strong possibility it will be Ryan Kerriganís final game with us.

Who knows, maybe he resigns at a low cost simply because he wants to stay in the area and with the franchise, but we all know he can still play and with Montez and Chase here, he just wonít get to. I just see him deciding he has more football left, and I agree with him, and I think heíll move on.

What a player. Never hurt, always working, always humble, always producing, always a pleasure to watch. Wish we could have seen you in the playoffs a bit more Ryan, but hopefully we give you a shot at it this year.

If Ryan were to read this, what would you want him to know? For me itís just thank you, you made a lot of gamedays a lot of fun to watch, and I hope kids everywhere saw the example you set. HTTR
God made certain people to play football. He was one of them.
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