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Re: RIP Vince Promuto

Originally Posted by Redskin Jim View Post
I had the pleasure of meeting Vince Promuto in New Orleans a few years after hurricane Katrina. He was in town for business and was out at a local watering hole with some mutual associates who were originally from New Jersey and knew I was a big Redskins fan and introduced us.
Mr Promuto was a class act, a gentleman, so easygoing and generous with his time and shared a few Redskins stories, a few of Vince Lombardi as his head coach.
I didn’t realize I was going to meet him that day, and coming to the bar after work for happy hour I didn’t have any Redskins paraphernalia on me. I hauled ass home and back and just caught Vince after he paid his bar bill and was saying his goodbyes. I sheepishly asked him to sign my hat, and he graciously did so. A week later my buddy brought me an autographed card Vince had mailed him and asked him to give to me. What a guy.

Rest In Peace, sir.
Damn, great story. Bumping into a redskin legend at a bar would be a dream.
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