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Re: Bucs Postgame

This was a very good game by the WFT. Taylor Heinicke looked very good for a guy with so little NFL game experience and time practicing with the first squad. Id like to see him have a OPPORTUNITY to be the QB next season.

I have one big hope for the off-season:

The other NFL owners cast Snyder out and force him to sell. It is impossible to know whether there is MORE dirt or not, besides what has already been found and published by the WP. I DONT think we will ever know!

If Snyder is allowed to stay, because there are not enough collaborated charges against him, I think the NFL will still make Snyder spend money to pay ALL the victims, get them to sign non-disclosure agreements to silence this scandal forever.

If Snyder is kicked out, I still think the victims will again be paid, and ask to sign non-disclosure agreements in exchange for the money. Either way, the NFL wants to keep this quiet.

I also hope Alex Smith will retire. He had a great story this year and went 5-1. He got them to the playoffs. But hes not the future. Hes super-expensive as a backup QB. Let Heinicke and Allen fight for the QB spot. If they can get STAFFORD, then hes the FA they need to go for.

If Heinicke wins the QB spot, this frees up the entire draft and FA to fill the other big holes on the team: WR, OL, CB, LB.

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