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Re: Riverboat Ron's Revenge - Panthers Week Thread

Originally Posted by FrenchSkin View Post
Almost finished watching "the tape" (quite a presumptuous word when used by a not so knowledgable fan ^^) from last week's game.

I want to highlight that I am NOT hating on Haskins, that I understand the decision not to cut him because if Alex is not healthy Dwayne gives us the best chance to win this important game, and finally that I thought he had a very good game against the Seahawks, even early on he was more accurate than I remembered, and didn't leave that much down the field.

I'm posting this gif for selfish reasons, because I know you guys may have interesting takes on this play.

I feel like he has pre-decided he's only gonna look to the left side, and thus never sees Terry getting open on the corner route. It's not a dangerous throw to make on 1st and 10, just loft it towards the corner of the endzone where only McLaurin can get it. It seems like quite an any throw, and I just thinks he never saw it, but is it more difficult than it seems because of the flat corner ?

They scored on the next play (throw to McKissick), so no big deal, but I feel like it's a situation you'd like him to be able to see, and a throw he should be able to make.
I think Thomas is more wide open If he just throws it before Logan comes out of break at the goal post. That’s in the middle of the football td
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