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Re: Derrius Guice arrested on Felony strangulation domestic assault charge

Major sigh regarding AP. Unless you have Derrick Henry then there is no way I want a back like AP at this point in his career. The wear down the defense, Riggo drill 3 yards and a cloud of shit is outdated. The league has totally changed and you need shifty quicker backs that can catch. Would you see the Chiefs giving AP the ball? No way. What about the 49ers? Nope. Give me guys like McCaffery all day long. Versatility over slow as a turtle and can't catch.

AP is too damn slow at this point. Look what Bibbs did when he came here? That guy was playing well and could catch. He was gone cause he and the HC were smashing the secretary ... lol. But you can find guys off the street that are better than AP at this point.
If you have a 35 year old as your top back in today's NFL then that is sad on so many levels.
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