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Re: Around the NFL week 5

Originally Posted by SolidSnake84 View Post
Reporting it now as potentially career threatening injury.
Sometimes it feels like you see the regular news and think it isn't spicy enough so you keep looking until you find the most outrageous opinion out there to discuss. I have yet to see even one reputable outlet saying that. In fact, ESPN is reporting the opposite.

Now if you were saying he won't be the same guy when he comes back, that's understandable. Especially for a mobile guy like he is. But that's a long way from career-ending.

Originally Posted by ESPN
Could this be a career-threatening injury?
By all accounts, Prescott should be able to return. Although the injury was unquestionably gruesome, players across sports have returned from similar injuries in the past and continued their careers. In baseball, Jason Kendall, Moises Alou and Robin Ventura returned from compound ankle fractures and sustained long careers. In basketball, we recently saw Celtics forward Gordon Hayward dislocate his ankle and fracture his tibia, miss an entire season and return the following year.

Most importantly, we've seen football players overcome this injury, including ball carriers. Veteran running back LeSean McCoy suffered a compound ankle fracture in high school. At the pro level, Connor Barwin and Allen Hurns were able to overcome dislocated ankles and return to the sport. No two injuries are identical, of course, but there's precedent for players making it back to play at the highest level.

Given that Alex Smith made his return to the field the day Prescott was injured, it's only natural to try to compare Prescott's injury to the Washington quarterback's. They aren't the same. Smith suffered a broken tibia and fibula and then dealt with a life-threatening infection, which led doctors to perform a total of 17 surgeries. We won't know until Prescott leaves the hospital and begins rehabilitating, but the hope is that he will avoid any infections or other complications after surgery.

No one can say for sure that Prescott will be the same player upon returning. Ankle injuries can cause serious problems for quarterbacks. Although his injury is nowhere near as severe, take Jimmy Garoppolo as an example. When the 49ers quarterback suffered a high ankle sprain in Week 2, I mentioned that quarterbacks who suffer high ankle sprains have a habit of sailing their throws when they come back, leading to sailed passes and interceptions. Garoppolo made his return Sunday and was 7-of-17 passing for 77 yards with two sailed picks before he was benched at halftime.

Prescott will have to reestablish his footwork as a passer. He might not be as explosive or impactful as a runner, which has been an underrated and valuable part of his game the past five years. He might come back as the same guy, looking like the injury never happened. He could also come back as a less mobile and versatile player, which would take a chunk out of his game.
TL;DR: If you're gonna report some shit like outlets are saying it could be career-threatening, #1 - provide a link. #2 - maybe do some fact-checking to see what the consensus is or if there's any other outlet that agrees with some rando throwing a hot take out there.
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