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Re: Come up with a new name for the Redskins

Washington Scalpers.
Washington Weasels.
Washington Whigs.
Federal Folders.
Washington Warmongers.
Washington Whitesharks.
Washington Savages.
Washington Capitalists (cause its like the capitol, get it? :-))
Washington WASPs. That shouldn't offend anyone.
Washington Wallabees?
Washington Wolves. Only if the wolf mascot adheres to politically correct vegan diet).
Washington Wolverines.
Washington Whales.
Washington Wombats.
Washington Wooly Mammoths, go old school baby.
Washington Whisperers.
Washington Pundits.
Washington Wastrels.
Washington Walruses. Walrii?
Washington Wanderers.
Washington Wimps.
Washington Wokes (perfect!!!)
Washington Wardbosses.
Washington Wenches. Wenchers?
Washington Woolies, have a Mammoth skeleton in entrance?
Washington Whirls.
Washington Wrath.
Washington Wagerers.
Washington Whites.
Washington Witches.
Washington Wraiths.
Washington Wilde.
Washington Wiretappers.
Washington Wranglers.
Washington Wonks.
Washington Wankers.
Washington Wits.
Washington Warlords.
Washington Welfarers.
Washington Werewolves. That could actually be cool, but no.
Washington Woodchucks.
Washington Watergaters?
Washington Whitewash?
Washington Wainscotters?
Washington Wrongdoers?

Washington Amazons, tall vixen mascot, we can only dream. . .

One interesting challenge is that some of the best names such as, sarcasm aside, Washington Warriors, do not necessarily intuitively fit with the color scheme which they rightfully want to keep. Then you have squatters of the intellectual property who own most of the good names. Not as simple as it sounds to change name.

I think Snyder keeps no name as long as possible just to irritate the SJWs and thumb his nose at them.
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