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Re: Around the NFL: Pre-Super Bowl

Originally Posted by Chief X_Phackter View Post
Because he basically admitted that he didn't do his job, that's why. Ok, maybe he's a stand-up guy who can admit when he made a mistake. Good for him. I think it's an epic failure though. Hard to get over that one if I'm his boss.

He's this young up and coming offensive guru seemingly without a QB to effectively run his offense. So he takes it for granted that the one QB he knows well (KC) is going to be available for him, like no other team will bid on him - and he fails to do his due diligence, scour the planet, evaluating every possibility for the right QB for his offense. Especially a young QB coming out of the draft that you can get on a rookie contract - rather than spend 80+M guaranteed. That's why it's hard to believe.

It's still salvageable though. He can dump Garoppolo's contract on the Texans along with five 1st round picks for Watson now, and rewrite history.
Anytime my staff made mistakes, I first will assess the situation and then the staff's work performance history before I discipline the staff for the mistakes. If the staff has a positive history and does not make mistakes often, then I would give the staff a benefit of doubt. I would do the opposite if the staff has a long history of mistakes..

In this case with Kyle, he has shown he knows what he is doing and the lack of DD on QBs in the draft appears to be one time thing (as of what we all know at this point). I would discuss this incident with Kyle if I'm his direct supervisor to prevent this from happening again in the future and not do anything further than that. If it was Adam Gase, I would address this situation differently, something that likely aligns with your approach. Gase has shown that he does not know what he is doing as a coach and whiffed on the DD on QBs in the draft, then this absolutely deserves a close scrutiny and disciplinary action.

But then, every person in a management role have their own opinions on how they should address issues.
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