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Re: Alex Smith Cut

Originally Posted by CRedskinsRule View Post
The difference, and the reason 11-4 means something tied to AS is because in 2 separate seasons, our team had 5 + wins with him starting qb, and in those SAME SEASONS we were 3-14 with out him. The reason the W/L record is significant is because the team and coaching around AS didn't significantly improve mid season to make his play insignificant, instead his play significantly impacted the play of the rest of the team to make the outcomes better.
AS is above average. He is better than the scrubs we had. That doesn't mean he's the guy to lead you to a SB victory. He isn't. It is possible for him to improve W-L total when the rest of our QBs SUCK, and to be talented, but still be a world away from a SB winning QB. His playoff record is 2-5. Smith puts up lots of decent stats against average and losing teams and then hooches it when it counts, in significant measure because he is conservative to a fault and a checkdown QB. Trading for him was an AWFUL decision.
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