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Re: WFT Free Agency

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
One thing about the Oline...Iím always down to give it attention. But center to right tackle is locked down in stone. Solid there.

The front office did well in attaining both Lucas and Schweitzer in Free agency who contributed on the left side and did better than expected. Add in Ismel and Charles in draft, young prospects who got some experience. Christian is a swing tackle...

We arenít in bad shape, [B]but obtaining another Tackle in the draft wouldnít be a bad thing[B]...but Iím not worried with Schreff locked in.
I agree. LT is our weak link on the O-Line. Iíd prioritize adding a Tackle at 19 or Day 2. Sign a WR, then draft BPA at #19 (OT, CB, LB)
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