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Re: Stafford in WFT Plans? Heís Available

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
I want him, UNLESS, Watson is also available. Stafford is going to be an excellent QB for at least 5 years. We already have Heinicke, so Stafford will get us the steady, elite QB play we need to win in the NFC East.

Iíve already predicted a bidding battle for Stafford. Something on the order of a couple firsts and maybe even a player. Iíve taken some heat for this prediction and they may be right and I may have overstated his value. In the end, it just depends on how many teams go ďall inĒ for him. Is Rivera ready to really go after this player? Rivera has a new GM and new VP for Personnel - both are older, experienced and certainly can mount a successful offense for Stafford, if thatís what Rivera wants.

If Rivera wants Stafford, he can get him. Watson may not even be available this off-season and will certainly be more expensive (regarding draft picks) than Watson if he does comes out. To get one of the top three Qb in the draft, the WFT will have to TRADE UP. A lot.

The off-season is already heating up! Canít wait to see who the WFT procure in this off-season!!
Watson is available. Just not to us. He already has been reported to say his two top choices are the Jets and Dolphins. With his no trade clause he can say no if he doesnít like it. He holds the cards. Plus Iím really warming up to Stafford anyway as you will have to give up sooooo much for Watson, the cost will be less for Stafford and with the Mayhew connection the stars are aligning. Letís goooo!!
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