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Re: Marty Hurney Thread

Originally Posted by Number44 View Post
By "smart" you apparently mean "in accordance with my opinion." LOL

Your "smart" way has worked real well over the past 20 years, hasn't it? LOL

Sorry, but continuing with the guaranteed mediocrity is not "smart." Recognizing the reality of the window created by the rookie contracts of an excellent group of young players and striking before they become too expensive to keep them all is, indeed, "smart." RR's methodology looks much better to me than yours - and it is not a close call.
No, it is not. We have a good DL and that is about it. We are nowhere near being a contender. And this miscalculation that we are "close" is in fact the mistake of the last decade or more, the inability to stay the long course because we never have a true GM taking the long view (or the owner plays GM), and are always deluded into thinking we are 1-2 players away. A GM that is the lackey of the coach doesn't solve this problem.

You won't find me loving the past regime, but trading for a retread QB is the mistake of old. McNabb, Smith, etc. It might win us a few more games, but won't get us anywhere near the mountaintop.

What has guaranteed mediocrity is owner meddling and not sticking to a long term plan of draft and develop. We won't have nearly as much talent coming in with two retread GMs and Smith on the way out.
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