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Re: To 2021 and Beyond .... current politics

Originally Posted by sdskinsfan2001 View Post
Burgess Owens = Awesome

But he's black and conservative, media will shred him if he ever becomes too popular mainstream. See Herman Cain when he ran for president. Bushwacked Cain until he dropped out, including a BS harassment charge. Then once he dropped out, he never was mentioned again until democrats could politicize his death from COVID.

The democratic party hates nothing more than a Black American not towing the democrat party line white liberals have blessed them with, because they know best = Burgess Owens is an Uncle Tom.
Man .. take a step back and read your own words and thoughts. You seem very entrenched in political ideology.

I doubt anyone knew who Burgess Owens was 4 months ago but since hes a black conservative ... suddenly conservatives say "hes fucking awesome!" and hold them up on a pedestal as some unequivocal evidence the party is not racist and write articles about how democrats will call him an "uncle tom" before Democrats even got a chance to say his name.

Burgess Owens voted to not have the PA electoral votes count .. so I guess you support the idea that politician can decide to throw out votes that they dont like in an election? Because laws and rules be damned bc democrats evil something something ...

Burgess Owens repeats the same crap weve been hearing about democrats .. we hate our country, we are socialist out to destroy America. but yeah .. we are the party of hate and tow the line? lol

Take Kimberly Klacik ... a college drop out married to a somewhat notorious strip club owner in Baltimore ... but since she is black and ran as a republican suddenly Fox News and people like you hold her up as evidence the democrat party is racist.

its fucking funny. reading comments from republicans saying Haley-Klacik 2024. You all didnt know shit about Klacik except she was black and filed as a republican (unopposed) to run in a house seat

rinse wash repeat.

the conservative "whoa is me", "liberals call us names" crap is fucking sad.

sack up and stop acting like little bitches. You call us names and then cry that we call you names? Meanwhile we are sitting there laughing at the histrionics and absurdity of it all.
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