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Re: Taylor Effing Heinicke

Originally Posted by punch it in View Post
If Smith or Allen is on this team next year along with Heineken and Heineken earns the starting job then he plays until he gets injured. If he gets injured. Im just going to say that injuries are probably a little easier to come by when you are getting a start once every one to two years. Trying to do too much, always giving it 110 percent because you know you constantly have to prove yourself. Look how this latest injury occurred. A dive from the four yard line. That is a guy trying to prove himself.
If the bring in a Stafford than that changes everything. You certainly keep the man as a backup either way.
And Colt McCoy 2.0 he is not. Colt gets to stick around with his less than mediocre play because he went to Texas. Heineken played better in five quarters than McCoy has played in five years.
It wasn't the EZ dive he hurt it, it was on a subsequent sack. Landed on his left shoulder. Not down to his trying too hard, down to coming down a DL on top of him. That is going to happen quite frequently in the NFL, and does call into question his durability.
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