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Re: Post Draft Free agency targets

Ok... I have NO idea why the Miami basically gave us Ereck Flowers...
Granted it's one game, but I watched offensive snaps of last year's Rams @ Dolphins...
Flowers played really REALLY well against a very good DL.
He held his own 1 on 1 against Aaron freakin Donald. He got driven back and beaten a couple of times... but it's Donald... and he never got humiliated, not one "oh my gosh Donald is a monster, nothing you can do against him" play.

We got great value in this trade.

Some worth seeing plays:

He had a lot of these in the game in the run game, giving help to either the C or T and then looking for a second guy to block, very pro active:

Look at him maintain his block and then perfectly pick up the stunt:

Another nice job against a stunt:

1 on 1 in pass pro vs Donald, Tua doesn't step up in the pocket but Flowers did his job there, didn't he ?

Gets tackle help at the end but nice play against Donald:

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