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Re: The "What are you watching right now" Thread

Originally Posted by sdskinsfan2001 View Post
Hulu, Prime, and HBO Max is definitely sufficient at minimum.

It's hard to pick what options to go with. They all have at least 1 show that looks good.

Apple+ has a special series about dinosaurs that I would absolutely watch if it was on cable.

You can cut cable but spend at least as much or more if you pay for lots of streaming services.
I watched that series, I thought it was pretty neat...the dinosaurs looked just as real as they do in the Jurassic Park movies...and you have David Attenborough narrating it just like any other nature series he does. You don't have to suscribe to Apple to watch it either, it's free...if you have a smart tv or the apple tv app you can watch it.
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