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Re: Taylor Effing Heinicke

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
Love him, he needs to be here after that performance.

I just can't go into next season with him as the starter though. In his NFL debut on Christmas in 2017 with the Texans, he came in for TJ Yates after he got hurt, and Heinicke suffered a concussion. In the only other game he ever started in his NFL career, he broke his collarbone. And then in this game against the Bucs, he separates his shoulder.

He's not built to withstand the rigors of an NFL season, and if he plays like you'd want him to (AKA scramble and dive for the pylon like that), he won't make it past the first 4 games, lock.

But he's a great backup. I'd still look to acquire QBx in the offseason, someone with credibility who we could go into the season with confidence. I'd prefer to aim very high. Taylor can back that player up and put us in a position where if we need to get by for a few games without our guy, we won't miss a beat.
He looked so small compared to TB12 after the game.. I think he needs to bulk up for sure but he has potential. I agree though, he's not the starter
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