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Re: What happens with Kyle Smith?

Originally Posted by Chief X_Phackter View Post
That's your reason. I'm fine with being confident until it is proven not to work.

"Homegrown" talent always ends up elsewhere. Where did Belichick come from? Mike Tomlin always been in the Steelers organization? Nope. Andy Reid, Pete Carroll, Sean Payton...all those guys grow up in those organizations? Nope. Bill Parcells...? I could go on and on with head coaches, GMs, etc. Funny thing is people move around when opportunities arise. You can't keep them all, no one does (or can).
Not only can you not keep them, but getting exposure around the league isn't a bad thing. It seems like KS likely left on good terms. Maybe in a few years we read about KS coming back as GM. Maybe he develops talent there that we bring here ala Scott Turner. Bridges that aren't burnt allow traffic both ways.

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