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Re: 2021 NFL Draft Day!!

Agreed, any analysis is knee jerk and only proven over a 2-3 year term (or longer if we're lucky). I like to see the ratings simply because it's indicative of how hopeful we can be. An A now could be a B in 12 months or even a C, a B could be an A or a C. If we rate a C or below now I'd be a little worried, but a B makes me cautiously optimistic.

At this stage I'm not critical of any of the picks and I'm not bothered about the BPA/need argument as no theory about the draft has ever proven totally reliable; if it was everyone would stick to it. Only thing more I'd like to have seen out of this draft is more depth at LB and Tackle, but if the talent wasn't there when we picked, I'm OK with who they got. Nobody looks like a total bust at this point.
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