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Re: WFT v Seattle predictions/pregame talk

I just donít think Haskins has it, but I hope Iím wrong. That overthrown pass to Mc Laurin was because he was playing too tight.

Hopefully practicing with the first team will help Haskins this week. Letís also hope that sitting behind Alex Smith and listening to Alexís advice will help Dwayne grow. Certainly Haskins needs reps to get better. If the Defense can turn up the heat like last game, Haskins will have opportunities. Unfortunately, I think every team from now on will double or even triple-team McLaurin. If Cam Sims and Logan Thomas can turn up the juice, then that will take the pressure off McLaurin.

We can win this game if Haskins has a good game and the defense continues to play excellent- outstanding football. Haskins can win it by just NOT turning it over and being accurate. Letís see how he does this week!

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