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Re: WFT v Seattle predictions/pregame talk

Originally Posted by calia View Post
Geez - we are down our starting QB, RB, FS, and two LB? Seems like too much to overcome. Unless our D knocks RW out of the game early, I think we’re toast.

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Wow. I somehow missed that one. Holcomb and KPL out is a MASSIVE blow.
SDH hasn't played well and Thomas Davis is too slow to be on a football field.

I know we rely on our Dline a lot anyway, but there's no way they don't find ways to run the ball on us and pick our LB apart in the short passing game... Not nearly as much confident as I was earlier in the week.

Everett was a big loss already, but Reaves is playing fine... our back up LBs aren't.

Now, thankfully their bad Oline is banged up, and watching their game against the Giants I thought Wilson under pressure wasn't as good as he can be sometimes, maybe he's tired of playing without an Oline for several years... not sure that'll be enough though.
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