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Re: WFT v Seattle predictions/pregame talk

Originally Posted by BaltimoreSkins View Post
Scott Turner is an X factor here. If he calls a game like he did against the Ravens, quick plays, to LOS fast so defense can't change players regularly, then Haskins will have success. RW is subjected to taking sacks so this is a chance for the defense to give the offense a short playing field.
Yes...get Dwayne comfortable early with easy throws and I say get Haskins on the move outside the pocket. Id like to see them take a shot early too to get his confidence up. When Dwayne had swag the last four games, he was a better player....get a nice play design up because nothing raises confidence than a big completion.

Another thing not about coaching or out of control of Dwayne: the team must rally around Dwayne. Oline needs to hold their blocks a lil longer, WR need to make tough catches, RB need to get that extra yard...and they need to play hype.
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