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Re: NFL Free Agency Around the League

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post
Lately there have been people getting into the HOF that have been very good. It's all about politics now. John Lynch? Tom Flores? Neither are HOF'ers. Jim Covert over Jacoby is flat out laughable.

Julian E isn't a great player but he did it on the biggest stages. I just think his regular season numbers aren't strong enough.
Agreed, but how many 1000 yard receivers did the Pats have with Brady throwing to them?

Wes Welker 4 (07, 09, 11, 12)*
Rob Gronkowski 4 (11, 14, 15, 17)
Julian Edelman 3 (13, 16, 19)
Randy Moss 2 (07, 09)*
Brandin Cooks 1 (17)

*Moss and Welker both went over 1000 in 08 but Brady wasn't playing that year.

Brady was a master of spreading the ball around, and even then Edelman is 3rd on that list.

I agree his overall stats don't match up, but as you say he did it on the biggest stage (playoffs and SB). Though if Edelman is even considered, Welker should be higher in the pecking order.
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