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Re: WFT Quarterback Thread - Post SEASON 2021

Honestly, given our spot in the draft I agree. While they would be big trades, getting someone with Stafford's pedigree would be an immediate upgrade to contender, but more so Watson. Give either a team with an established D and building more weapons around them will make us competitive from the get go. Unless we get Brady or Wilson type lucky in the lower rounds of the draft, anyone we pick up is going to be a development project so we'll need an at least capable vet next season as a minimum. Heinicke is still something of an unknown, but neither Allen or Smith are that guy.

I'd offer the Texans our next 2 ones, probably a 3 & 4 from '22 and someone like Matty I to finish the deal. If the Texans don't want to know (or want something daft like 3 x 1's plus some 2's), then I'd go with a lesser offer to Detroit. Stafford with maybe a reworked 5 year deal would give us a nice window to compete immediately.

But for me it all hangs on who can Ron deal with. I think he actually did well with Newton in Carolina, who I never saw as a great passer, with a run heavy out of the pocket passing offense. Says to me, Watson will be more his kind of guy than Stafford.
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