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Re: Haskins released

Scott Van Pelt just broke down the overall Haskins scenario in Washington… I learned a little bit more than I knew a few hours ago but not a significant amount more… it sounds like the strip club issue seems to be the most serious issue

1. The owner stepped in and forced him to be drafted
2. Jay Gruden felt forced to play Haskins in an effort to save his job since Haskins was Snyder’s guy (Haskins was not ready yet for NFL reps)
3. Rivera gets hired and Haskins was never his guy
4. There was never an explanation for his demotion to 3rd string earlier this season (I just assume it was Rivera trying to motivate Haskins)
5. If Alex Smith was healthy the last 2 weeks he would’ve played instead of Haskins
6. While they’re in 1st place in division (and in COVID world) he went to the strip club following a loss instead of doing anything else football or in-home related
7. Lost captaincy following strip club
8. Left stadium immediately after game and avoided media questions until he got home… and even then he was barely “answering” questions and had extremely low energy (the kid just seems to be mentally defeated when seen on camera)
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