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Re: NFL Free Agency Around the League

I doubt moving to another city would have made any difference to this situation. And I bet a few teams that were interested did their due diligence and uncovered at least a whiff of this coming. I doubt Houston would get offered a 6 pack for him right now.

If he's guilty I doubt his career is over. Players have come back after suspensions of similarly egregious acts. BUT it likely destroys his market value and his leadership credentials. He'd have to do a massive rebuilding of his image to overcome the bad press etc., not to mention a great deal of therapy. Not saying I like that outcome (doesn't feel like punishment), but this is the NFL.

If he's innocent he'll still have people looking at him in a new light. Either way, he needs to get this moving to a conclusion soon else he could be losing his most productive years to court cases, suspension and appeals.
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