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Re: Stafford in WFT Plans? Hes Available

Originally Posted by Scalper View Post
McVay said something during the trade, at least it was reported. It is not about winning the trade, but the SB. Rams can credibly make the argument they are only a QB away from being a legit SB contender, and most would say they now are. That is no guarantee you win it, but. . .

If Rams win the SB, then it was worth it to them, period. The one thing they seemed to believe is that they are never winning a SB with Geoff. The light bulb just never came on for him, he reminded me of Cousins. The Rams believe they can add talent without 1st round picks, and their draft record of last few years bears this out. They have two genuine HOF caliber superstars on D, and believe it will be good with the young talent on rookie deals and with add'l talent for several years if you give these two studs help. They have lots of young talent on rookie deals on O, and believe McVay can get the most out of talent with the right QB. I don't necessarily agree with all these philosophies, but they at least make some kind of sense, unlike the claim that we just need a QB and are a contender.

Any team that loses one of their top-3 players has a hard time making SB.
Bucs O was STACKED.
And their defense. The most complete team wins the super bowl more often than not.
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