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Re: Giants Pre Game dumpster fire thread

Originally Posted by mooby View Post
Hell yeah I'm gonna sit through the whole thing. We're not even guaranteed 16 games this year with all the 'rona bs going around, you best believe I'm gonna watch every game (at least until they get out of hand). Last week was a pure dumpster fire and I still watched all of it.

Also yeah this could definitely be another L because the Giants definitely improved on offense against the Cowboys.
Exactly. I know we suck but we only get maybe 16 of these things. Hell yeah Im going to watch it. And rewind it and slow mo plays .. its going to take me 6 hours to watch this bitch.

(but we are so deprived of redskins induced dopamine. watching the caps or terps basketball, it is so much funner and more meaningful watching your home town team kicking ass. the DMV was so much happier during the Nats champ run, people wearing their gear, mailman talking with strangers about the game etc ... Skins have let down our whole region for way too long)

Chase Young - going up against fellow top pick LT Andrew Thomas. I think Chase will feast and get 2 sacks.

Fuller - nice to see him some more

Martin - can he anchor better, can he not get pushed back? the clock is ticking on this young man. How will he respond.
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