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Re: Washington Football Team Defense 2021

Originally Posted by mooby View Post
My NFCE qb rankings:

1. Dak
2. Hurts - just for playmaking ability right now with his legs, he still needs work at throwing
3. Fitzmagic - he's consistently inconsistent. If he could be consistently above average he'd be #2 on this list.
4. Jones - he's obv. still a work in progress, but shouldn't be overlooked considering he's 4-0 against us.
LOL, your jones hate is interesting .

1) Dak , still the #1 in the NFC East but I am interested in how he recovers form the injury.
2) Fitz , He is streaky but when he is hot he is good and you can't be in the league this long and suck ,even as a back up.
3) Jones , Third year but his second with all the same coaches and system , add in while mobile and one of the best deep ball passers last year was never suppose to be the #1 rusher on the team. Better weapons this is his make it or break it year.
4) Hurts , the Eagle will wreck him and their #1 pic.
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