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Re: The Chase Young Effect (Appreciation thread)

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
Chase is excellent, but with a really good DL coach this offseason he could be GREAT next year. Right now he has ONE major pass rush move: a speed rush to try to get around the OT to the QB. Because he is so fast, this occasionally works. It worked great in college because he was so fast. If he used stunts with the DT or a swim move be wouldn’t so predictable. He would get more sacks. The good OT are just backing up and pushing him out and upfield. He’s taking to longest way to the QB. Sweat improved a lot his second season and I’m sure Young could too.

But for Chase to get to double digit sacks he’s got to diversify his pass moves!

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Absolutely correct. He’s got a BiG time future and will be one of the greats but he does need some work of course.
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