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Re: Taylor Effing Heinicke

Originally Posted by skinsfaninok View Post
Tyrod Taylor was bad in Buffalo , Cleveland and lost his job to Herbert (was bound to happen anyway but still)

Hes not very good and honestly Cam Newton is better
Yeah, I'm not saying he would be the next WFT franchise QB, but he would be an immediate upgrade to the QB room, and a nice bridge to a young future QB.

He was drafted by the Ravens and was Flacco's backup for four years. He was the starter in Buffalo for three years, averaging 3,000 yards passing/500 yards rushing per year. He was traded to the Browns after Josh Allen was drafted. He was the starter but got hurt in week three, making way for Baker. He backed up Rivers last year, was named the starter this year. Was 1-0, and then the team Dr. decided to pierce his lung with a needle, making way for Herbert.

He doesn't turn the ball over like Fitzpatrick, he can be a dual threat, he wouldn't break the bank, and he's not 38.

Like I said - I would at least kick the tires on him.
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