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Re: Around the NFL: NFL Offseason

I'm not defending anyone here; if they are guilty throw the book at them, sue them, whatever. But I see a slippery slope with these kinds of allegations. I believe in innocent until shown to be guilty (whether by publicly available validated evidence or a court decision). If someone is denied employment due to a (currently) unproven allegation I can't help feeling uncomfortable, especially where there's a question of a financial case being sought instead of a criminal one.

Or maybe it's my lack of in depth knowledge of the US legal system. Over here a criminal charge is sought and then a civil case can be brought without any clash with the criminal case, to seek compensation (though often compensation is awarded as part of the criminal case verdict). Maybe my understanding, but it seems like you can pursue a criminal case or a compensation case but not both? If they are guilty and the claimants can prove so, why no criminal charges? I can see why the accusations of opportunism abound, especially if the claimants seem to be actively trying to avoid a criminal case.
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