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Week 2 - the Rebound

Normally you wait 24 hours, but the game is on Thursday and Taylor Heinicke is starting!

Come on Taylor Nation rise up and defend our QB

@Schultz_Report twitter
[emoji599] Taylor Heineke will start in Week 2 as #WFT hosts the #Giants, per sources. Heineke replaced an injured Ryan Fitzpatrick yesterday, throwing for a touchdown and amassing a healthy 119.3 QB rating. Kyle Allen will be the No. 2.

Our D better respond like wounded wolves and lash out at the Giants. I want to see mayhem reign when Daniel Jones is on the field.

And Heinicke gets his shot to last more than one game health wise (looking at you Leno)

WFT need to make this a statement about the division.

But it may end in a whimper

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