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Re: Stafford in WFT Plans? Hes Available

Originally Posted by SunnySide View Post
Well ... cest la vie.

Rams going YOLO. Looking at their cap counts for 2021 and they are in cap hell, they have a weird disbursement. You have Aaron Donald cap of 27M, Ramsey 22.5, Stafford 20 .. then 40 guys making 1.5M or less. Imagine lots of restructuring for Donald and Ramsey.

They need to figure out their LT situation though. Not sure old man Whitworth can give them another season.

Thing with the Rams is they are counting on certain areas of their team to sustain their level of play. Like LT, they have a 40 year old. Lol. Or they're expecting their defense to keep playing at the same level. What happens when Donald gets hurt? Like against GB. They have had some success no doubt but it seems like they're a few injuries or a few players declining in play for the wheels to come off.
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