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Panthers Postgame sadness

Originally Posted by Chief X_Phackter View Post
I don't see how it's a problem for him unless there are other settlements the NFL is/was not aware of.

There are over 40 women that have given testimony against Snyder and/ or the franchise. Snyder had a long list of dirty tricks to keep Women quiet BEFORE the investigation :

1.Have the one Human Resources person say to the complaining person: “that’s the way this team is- you’d be better off quitting”.
2. Sending private investigators to family and friends of the complainer in a blatant attempt to intimidate them into silence
3. Sue them with a billionaire’s Army of Lawyers to wear the complainer down
4. Have Non-disclosure agreements built into employee’s contracts
5. If all else fails, buy them off for an undisclosed amount, then have them sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The franchise was doing Tactics 2-4 just THIS YEAR until the NFL told Snyder to stop it and then the NFL took over the investigation. All the women who were afraid to talk BEFORE, now could give their stories. Twenty years of misdeeds now brought into the open. That’s the tales we HAVEN’T heard about. But the NFL has.

If the NFL tries to sweep it under the rug, all these stories will go to the press. NFL will suffer huge embarrassment and get attacked by a powerful audience they want to watch NFL games: women.

Why would the NFL try to protect Snyder - he’s disliked by the other owners and also considered a football idiot. His biggest supporter is Jerry Jones because JJ knows that as long as Snyder is the owner, the franchise will be handicapped by his foolishness.

The WFT has only improved because Snyder had to bring in a straight-shooter, Rivera, who ended Snyder’s quiet but significant meddling in personnel and team decisions. Rivera saw how Gibbs and Shanahan were tarnished by poor performance because Snyder was making all the GM decisions.

The NFL MIGHT make Snyder sell the team but the silver lining is that Snyder makes a couple billion$. They might also probably force Snyder to pay into a fund for the employee’s who were mistreated. Snyder gets money, but losses the team. The people who filed all the stories will be paid off. Everyone will sign an agreement to keep this low key. The fans, press, politicians will all be happy to see Snyder go, to get a new stadium, new name and a new owner.

That’s what I think will happen.!! Of course, perhaps the billionaires boys club will protect Snyder and claim that statements were exaggerated in a search for cash. However this whole situation makes me think that this tale sounds A LOT LIKE Watergate- a story too big to conceal. By forcing Snyder to sell, everyone wins!

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