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Re: Bucs Postgame

This is an example of NFL rules differing from NCAA/IFAF rules and creating a rule bug.

Under NCAA/IFAF rules there's no such thing, because if a ball is touched/batted above the goal line the result is a touch back regardless of whether the kicking team's player touches the goal line or not (it's an illegal touch, not a foul, resulting in a touchback). On the other hand, if the ball is caught by a player of the kicking team the ball is dead and it's 1st down at the spot of recovery, regardless of what happens after that.

Makes it way clearer than the NFL rule IMO. But they must have tweaked the rule in order to allow this exciting play where a player can batt the ball above the goal line an avoid the touchback. But they should've specified the time element of this rule. Because having something that happened 5seconds + 10 yards after the ball was dead impact the play doesn't make much sense IMO.

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