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Originally Posted by AnonEmouse View Post

Section 2, article 2 - "First touching is a violation, and the receivers shall have the option of taking possession of the ball at the spot of first touching, provided no penalty is accepted on the play, or at the spot where the ball is dead."

Ball is not dead until the carrier downs it/himself or crosses the goal line. Had he dropped it after catching it, Tampa would have still been entitled to return it. By carrying it over the line Apke gave the Buccs the option to take the TB.

It is badly written/explained, and as I said, usually it's intended for occurrences where momentum carries the runner over the line, not a deliberate act. But you can't blame the officials for an interpretation of momentum when it's not defined in the rules (i.e. "Unless the player deliberately advances the ball" or the like).

Sorry pal, you're just wrong on that one. You're confusing an illegal touching of the ball and recovering the ball. There's absolutely no way you can run back a punt as a member of the kicking team, the ball is dead as soon as you recover it. I don't want to pull out the "I'm a ref" card because the NFL rule slightly differs from the ones I've studied, but you're confusing 2 different situations, first touching, and recovering.

Here's ESPN analysis on why it was a mistake.

"The ball should have been marked where Apke first gained possession, and not a touchback. By rule, a kick that goes past the line of scrimmage is dead as soon as a member of the kicking team downs it. The ball can't be advanced. There are many judgment calls over the course of a game that can be debated. This one was a matter of rule application. Washington should have been able to pin the Buccaneers deeper than it did."
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