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We want dallas week

Originally Posted by MTK View Post
Just going a step further, outside of having a legitimate medical reason, why the fuck is anybody not getting vaxxed up at this point? Looks like 2022 is going to be another repeat of 2021 and 2020 thanks to the jackoffs out there that refuse to get vaccinated.

So my wife is vaxxed - and had a breakthrough case. She is home though and other than being tired with some minor symptoms quite comfortable. As opposed to hospitalized, or dead.

Yet any of our anti vaxx idiot (former) friends keep saying “see you got it and your vaxxed”. And she keeps saying back to them “yup and talking to you right now”. They honestly don’t get it. Morons on every level. Im at the point now if someone is offended because I call them a moron for not being vaxxed i follow it up with a good “go fuck yourself”. They are 100 percent responsible for this thing finding hosts to live on in and morph. Wouldn’t be break through cases if this thing wasn’t getting stronger(delta, omnicron) because they are afraid of shots.
Another favorite excuse is “they rushed it”. Well yeah dumbass its a global pandemic and sort of became a top priority.
But my favorite of all is my (former) friends who did heroin, or pills, or cocaine for most of their lives and tell me “im not putting that shit in my body”. Those people are the biggest morons of all. I bet if some Facebook rumor went around that there was heroin in the vaccine you would see an uptick in vaccinations.
The anti vaxx dip shits are literally killing the world.
If anyone is going to argue with me about any of this, save it. I already know you are stupid. No reason to reinforce it.
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