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Re: New Redskin Coach Jennifer King

Sheís going to be an assistant. Not that critical a position. If she doesnít cut it, she is easily let go. RR is great at motivating his players and also making each player into a man. He is making them into GOOD men, who treat women with respect.

Players from Carolina really were thankful for their personal growth while he was the HC. That made them extremely loyal players. THATís how to build a winning culture.

I think it will be shocking to see the difference between the maturity and discipline of this upcoming season and the Gruden era. Gruden ran an easy TC and was more of a buddy to players. It was a total failure. Players liked Gruden because he was like Santa Claus, but Iím not sure they really respected him. Gruden tried to play it tough late in his era, but his teams were undisciplined (lots of penalties) and totally unable to get ready for a big game. They were always flat for the must win games.

If she can grow into this position, great. If not she will be quietly fired. This is a character-building exercise for his players.
They will be better for it.

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