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Re: Let's try this "Win and in" again. Eagles Pregame 2.0

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
Players dont tank. Theyre playing for a spot next year. The team may start pulling back if were winning by a couple TDs but were not good enough to get that high. Hurt, in particular, is vying as a possible consideration as the starter next year. Hes certainly have to compete against Wentz next TC, but if hes good enough the Eagles may not draft a Qb with their first draft pick.

Even with all the hurt Eagles this wont be easy. Were not good enough for that, especially if McLaurin isnt playing (??).

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I agree with your first part - players don't tank. Players know that their next coach/employer looks at film from these type of games to see who has internal motivation.

I disagree about us not being good enough, it has gone under the radar because of the Haskins effect, but our offense has found some serious rhythm the last few games.( i am ignoring the first 20 minutes because I don't have a clue why they can't start at speed).

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