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Re: WFT Wild Card Pre-Game Thread

Originally Posted by mooby View Post
I thought the Steelers would win too. Any given Sunday definitely applies here.

That being said, I consider myself realistic. Realistically, with Alex Smith limited and key guys playing injured, the odds are against us. I won't say never, but everything would have to go perfectly for us to have a shot to win on Saturday.

34-20 TB. As is tradition this year in our losses, we get blown out in the first half, something like 21-0, before we come back in the second half and make it interesting but ultimately lose by 2+ scores. Todd Bowles is gonna physically throw a kitchen sink at Alex Smith.
We assuredly struggle in the first half if Smith is similar physically to how he was last night. Not only does his inability to run hurt his ability to complete passes, it allows the D to stack the box against our once-potent running game. If we want some balance in our attack, we need a running game and a QB that can make plays when protection breaks down. I am so pleased with what Smith has brought to this team ( he deserves every accolade), but this game at this juncture, demands a quarterback that brings more than 5-yard check-downs. As many have said, we are playing with house money at this point. I hope Rivera plays to win, vice playing not to lose badly. We lose, hands down, if Smith plays, as the offense is too limited. So what do we have to lose, other than finding out if the backup Qb is a Warner or a Sudfield. Put the ball in Heinicke's hands and let the kid play.
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