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Re: Attending Redskins @ Bills 11/3!

Originally Posted by los panda View Post
My buddy who lives in the heart of Cowboy Country flew out here to go to the Redskins @ Rams game with me two years ago. We didn't attend any games last year but recently decided that we should make it an annual tradition, to catch at least one Redskins game together.

This year it'll be in Buffalo. We have a mutual friend from high school in MD who now lives outside Buffalo near his extended family (all Bills fans). They have club level season tickets, an RV with parking pass, and just scored additional club level tickets for us.

I am super excited! Not only for this game, but for future years as well. Our families in MD live about 30 minutes from FedExField and my buddy lives about 30 minutes from AT&T Stadium. Redskins home games and Redskins @ Cowboys will always be reliable options for us, or we can venture to other cities like we're doing this year.

Anyone else have any fun traditions with friends or family? HTTR!!!
Sounds great man! That's what sport is about! Sharing with people that matters... and others that you don't know!

Enjoy! I had a blast for my first game in the US last year, and I actually liked FedEx field, allows you to be really close to the field, so I definitely plan on doing that again when my bank account is up to the task ^^

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