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Re: Attending Redskins @ Bills 11/3!

Originally Posted by los panda View Post
That's what it's all about. So happy to hear this.

Does your wife have any interest? My wife tries to humor me but I can tell it's like watching paint dry for her. Hopefully my daughter will like to watch with me
Haha honestly no. We went to the painful London tied game a couple of years ago, she definitely enjoyed the show, plus she's really nice so she's happy to see me excited and all... (ok that came out weird but I'll leave it as it is ^^) But the first time she was able to follow the ball during the whole play was like late in the 3rd quarter...

Sometimes I'd get her to watch an exciting play, but she'll watch as a diplomatic move : "Ok I'll watch it because you accepted to watch 2 minutes of make up video the other day" ...

Maybe you can get your daughter to play? :-D Women football is a real thing now in the US, isn't ? In France it's developing surprisingly fast when you take into consideration what Men US Football is over here...
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