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Re: Attending Redskins @ Bills 11/3!

Originally Posted by FrenchSkin View Post
As for the fun tradition you asked about, living in France does create some weird traditions amongst diehard football fan.
The most obvious one is staying up all night to watch games.
The SuperBowl often is an occasion to get together, either at a friend's place, in a "specialized" pub or in a bar rented by a local football team, to share your unconventional passion both with real fans willing to wait 2am on a Sunday night (technically Monday morning) to watch Football, and with new people that get to discover American Football that way.

But during the season it's also fun to do the same thing with real diehard fans (last year I found a NFL pub in Paris, I occasionally meet American on holidays or business trip that are more than happy to find a place to watch games) ... or even alone, I'll occasionally stay up if I don't work the following day to watch a prime time Redskins game with my headset on (1pm and 4pm games respectively start at 7pm and 10pm for me so they're easier to watch live) trying not to wake the wife up with my muffled shouting.

Now, the said wife starting working in Tokyo last month. So I'm roughly spending a quarter of my time in Japan.
I've already been to a couple of games over there, (Japanese "Ame-Futo" is actually great, surprisingly high quality football displayed, highly entertaining!), and made a friend in the stands, I'll be curious to see if I find anybody willing to watch live NFL games despite the 13 hours time difference ^^
If so, that'll sure make some nice football tradition: how about a 5 am (4pm) or 9am (8pm) football game with some coffee and pancake in a Tokyo pub ?
That's what it's all about. So happy to hear this.

Does your wife have any interest? My wife tries to humor me but I can tell it's like watching paint dry for her. Hopefully my daughter will like to watch with me
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