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Re: Post Draft Free agency targets

The assumption is that Apke is already cut. But if we think we are keeping 5 safeties and one of them is Landon Collins who then do you cut? The guy we just drafted in the 5th round. Deshazor Everett who is a team captain and leader on ST and played really well last year before his injury. Jeremy Reaves who was, in admittedly limited playing time, one of the best ranked FS in the league last year according to PFF. If none of them then it must be Cam Kurl. No? So as my statement said, if they don't get rid of Landon Collins, which would save cap space, then who do you cut. I just don't think RR and JDR think they need to add to that group. They absolutely do need a LB, that is where the money should go
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