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Re: Marty Hurney Thread

Originally Posted by Scalper View Post
I see Scherff get absolutely blown out in pass coverage too much to pay him that kind of money. But you can't let your only All Pro walk?

The previous mismanagement of this team still defies comprehension. We need to keep building primarily through the draft, and that means not surrendering draft picks for trade-ups or retreads. You have to eat it and sign Scherff, but make sure our high-contract guys are also at high-leverage positions going forward. When two of your biggest contracts are for a RG that can't pass block consistently, and a SS that can't cover, I mean man.
Preaching to the choir about vastly overpaying for dime a dozen in box safety and spending a No. 5 overall pick on a guard who you then have to pay 14M AAV when you can pay a Schweitzer 3M for slightly less production.

But what do you do, like you said. Create another hole/need? Not retain a top 10 guard? Collins is staying for 2021 due to contract so theres no decision there. If we retain Scherff, okay thats fine. If we dont and keep our 14M plus a comp pick, okay thats fine. There both not great options imo.
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