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Re: Pre Draft Thread 2.0

Originally Posted by Scalper View Post
Nah. Can't rebuild entire roster in one year. We aren't contending for SB with our QB situation, Fitzmagic not winning anything in terms of the big dance. Maybe 1 year stopgaps on cheap, but if it takes one more year to fill LB, so be it. There are also certainly players outside 1st FO has targeted. I think we take 2 LBs somewhere in draft, one thumper for middle, one coverage, and you hope we find a Gibson or McL, a later pick that still is solid starter. I would rather have an elite LT than an elite LB, especially in 4-3 where they don't rush.
I don't know...this team has a has a 1991 Mark Rypien-like feel to it. Dominant D...solid weapons on O...and a veteran QB who can get the job done.
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